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The pictures shown are an example of the intricate detail in each of our birds. Any bird that you should choose will have the same quality and coloring as in the example. Each bird is a resin reproduction of our original wood carving, and hand painted with acrylic paints to ensure durability inside and outside. All birds have a glass eye. The birds we offer are as follows: chickadee, bluebird, cardinals, robin, goldfinch, purple finch, nuthatch, blue winged warbler, tufted titmouse, junco, wren, and grosbeak. We will be happy to e-mail you a detailed picture of any bird.

Male Cardinal
Female Cardinal


Cedar Waxwing



White Dogwood Flower

Pink Dogwood Flower

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Yellow Dogwood Flower

Blue Dogwood Flower

Coral Dogwood Flower
Any branch, nest, wreath or any one of our pieces may be ordered as shown
or you may request your choice of flower color as well as your choice of bird.

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We will be happy to e-mail you a picture of your combination prior to purchase

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