1. What are the leaves and flowers made of?
All of our leaves and flowers on our branches are made of solid copper. We hand cut each leaf and flower out of copper and prime and paint them all. Our Iris Bouquet has flowers that are reproduced from our original carved flowers and then molded.
2. What are the birds made of?
Our birds are cast from our original wood carvings, detailed and then painted one by one. They are resin to insure durability. David does all reproduction work.

3. How do I hang the branch?
Your wall sculpture will have one, two or three loops on the back depending on the size that can be easily hung from the wall similar to a picture.

4. Can my branch go outside?
Your branch can go outside but I like to bring mine in during the harsh winter months. A mild climate is just fine for year round display.

5. How heavy is my branch?
A single branch only weighs about 2 pounds. A double is only slightly more than a single and the larger branch is about 5 or 6 pounds. Because the copper is so light none of our pieces are extremely heavy.

6. Can I choose any bird to go on the branch?
Yes, you may choose any one of our birds to go on any arrangement you see. Our pictures are only samples of what can go together. Whether you are choosing for color or your favorite bird we can put together any combination of the birds that we offer.

7. Do I have my choice of flower color?
Yes, you may choose any one of our flower colors to go on your piece. They are listed under the detail page. We offer White, pink, yellow, blue and coral.

8. If I decide to put a combination together that is not shown on the web site may I see a picture before purchasing?
Yes we will be happy to send you an e-mail showing your particular combination of birds.

9. Where do I hang my branch?
You may hang your branch anywhere. They look great in a foyer, a bedroom mixed in with floral prints, in the kitchen, or on a wall going up the stairs. Yes, our branches can hang safely in the bathroom, no need to worry about the moisture. Our pieces are only limited to you imagination.

10. How do I clean my piece?
You may clean your sculpture with a small, dry, inexpensive soft paintbrush. I pick them up at the dollar store.

11. Do you do custom pieces?
Yes if you have a special place we can do a special piece.

12. Do you ship to international locations?
Yes we ship both domestically and internationally.

13. What are the fees for shipping and what shipping options do you offer?
Shipping cost is based on the specific item ordered, we will contact you regarding the fees. We will ship using Fed-Ex, US-Postal Service or UPS upon your discretion.

14. What type of payments do you accept?
We accept money orders, personal checks, bank checks, MasterCard or Visa.


Email us at: Pam@SongbirdLady.com
Or you can call us at 248-628-1630
to discuss your order or for more information
We will be happy to e-mail you a picture of your combination prior to purchase

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